Once I decided, the path opened up.

It's nice to feel like your whole body is relaxing when it's warm.
The scent of flowers everywhere makes me feel happy.

The future is uncertain and my heart is in turmoil.
Even if it's not that, spring is a season of excitement.

Personally, I don't see many changes in spring, but those who have various things to do, such as transfers, job changes, and their children going to higher education, may feel restless.
At times like this, I recommend stopping for a moment and taking a deep breath.

How are you all spending your spring?

“Opening a store every month in Zushi, Kanagawa Prefecture!”
Since I made that decision, I have seen many new developments.

Why did this happen in the first place?
Me (Kaneko) ) became pregnant and gave birth, causing a drastic change in AMONG 's structure.
AMONG, which I started with Nakamura, was forced into a period of change.

Although I was able to leave my child in a nursery school last year,
Of course, we no longer have the environment where we can work as much as we like, and it has become difficult for me to stand in front of a department store and make sales, or to go to the office in Yokohama frequently.
At the office, I do work such as photography, product management, and shipping.

This story started with Nakamura's idea , ``If there was a place in Zushi where we could open a store, it would save us a lot of time traveling.Isn't there a good place?'' (Kaneko (lives in Zushi)

Immediately after that!
I came across a place that felt like a miracle.
(I found out about this place after you introduced me to it, but I had never heard of it before. Thank you!)

However, I think AMONG has the power to turn ideas into reality.
It seems like it's just for everyone, but I always think it's amazing...

That is Atelier Linden , a gallery in Zushi .

I've already opened a store three times, and it's close to the station,
The space is just right for displaying AMONG products, and the owner is a wonderful person who takes great care of him.

Start by just trying it once.

The challenge when opening a store on the street is how to encourage passersby to come inside and take a look. (It's easier to see a lot of people at a department store.)

It's not on the main street, but on a calm street along the river, and although it's not a busy area, there are many people who come by! This surprised me a little.
I think the store has a nice atmosphere and is easy to enter.

No one has asked me, but I'm aiming forthis eco bag

I wanted to create a place where people could go and see AMONG products, so I decided to hold the event every month for the rest of the year.

It took a bit of courage to make the decision because it was my first attempt, but once I made the decision, I started to see a lot of things that I hadn't seen before.

For example, we've had customers come back with their next treat and say, ``Let's buy that next month!'' or we've met people who come to Zushi every month for something else.
It was a sight that I was able to see only because I decided to do it every month.

Because of times like this,
I'm really happy to see you again !
I never knew before the coronavirus that I would be so happy to be able to meet you in real life.

Also, speaking for myself, it made me want to open my heart more to the city of Zushi. People who live and work here have become even more interested.

It's a movement of the heart that I've never felt just by living here.
I realized that I still don't know anything about this city.

I heard stories about Zushi from people who have lived there for a long time, and I received encouragement from older mothers about raising their children...

It is very valuable to meet people that you would not have gotten to know just by living with them.

If you are interested but haven't been able to go yet, please feel free to come and visit us. It's close to the Zushi coast, and there are many delicious restaurants!
Kaneko is waiting for you.

This cat clinging to Atelier Linden's symbol tree seems to be a lost item. I tried dressing up by using the haggis like a scarf.


I'm sure there are many people who don't know about it yet, so I'll say it again.
AMONG 's textiles contain messages.

With a popular pattern,
There is a textile called ``michi'' pattern, which means ``road'' and ``unknown .''

I have dyed Michi pattern in many colors so far,
Among them, there is a color name called ``Let's decide.''
The color scheme is dark blue-like black like ink black and gray-ish khaki.
In the end, it's an exquisite color that's hard to say what color it is, but it leaves a cool impression.

And it's easy to match with any color of clothing, so if you can't decide, we recommend this mini shoulder bag !

Click here for the message “Let’s decide”↓
Every road is an unknown road. A lively life is a series of decisions. It's decided!

Life is a series of choices. Zigzag roads, back roads, loopholes...
When you're looking ahead, you can't see the road.
When I suddenly look back, I can see for the first time the path I've taken. This is the idea that is put into it.

Yes, that's right...
This is me right now. There are also children involved, so I wonder if I can really do it? There was also some anxiety. But
in the end, it's always a matter of deciding. Once you decide, it will be decided. The road will open. I can feel it.
(It's funny to see people being encouraged by the messages they made themselves, but thank you
AMONG ! That's a great message! lol)

I'm confused, and I don't know if it's the right answer or not (although there's no right answer anyway), so I have no choice but to decide and give it a try. These days, I'm starting to wonder if that's what it means to ``live my life.''

This one is actually the same pattern and same color ↓

What I mean is,
The whole picture of the "Michi" pattern textile is like this.
Explained here for easy understanding!
This is a scarf with the same pattern called ``Yumeyo'' .
The atmosphere of the pattern is different on the left and right sides. When making a bag, depending on where you cut the fabric, you can create patterns with thick lines and patterns with thin lines.

There are only two scarves left.
Square scarves are a popular size for people who want to wear them indoors and for petite people. The color pattern is also popular as a gift.

Click here for the “Let’s relax” message↓
Message Every road is an unknown road.

Let's relax your mind and body today. The best path will be revealed.

Ah, ``loosening'' is important. When your body is in good shape, your thoughts naturally become simpler. Make a conscious effort to loosen up.

Thanks to you, we have sold out items and only a few items left.
It's really thanks to everyone's shopping that we are able to continue.
I am always grateful for your help!

This is a square scarf with a ``Peach Chestnut Three Years Persimmon Eight Years'' pattern and a comfortable color.
This is the last point. Silk rayon material has a natural luster that instantly brightens up the area around your face.
It's also cute to match with borders.

Tote bag with side pocket M "Spice" pattern, tote bag in arrangement color is also the last one each.
It's a little hard to tell the difference, but the colors are slightly different.
This is a pattern based on mint green

This is a pattern based on blue↓

"This shape is easy to use♪"
“Sturdy yet light!”
We have received positive feedback, saying, ``For some reason, it doesn't wear out at all.''
What looks like black polka dots is "black pepper" lol Just holding it will definitely make you feel happy!

There are many other last-minute items available at the AMONG online shop , so be sure to check them out. The product name says LAST1.

We hope AMONG items will brighten your day ♪ See you soon! (Kaneko)

The next store opening is
3/23 (Wed) - 29 (Tue) Tamagawa Takashimaya main building 1st floor women's goods section
4/1 (Friday) - 7 (Thursday) Zushi/Atelier Linden
4/20 (Wednesday) - 26 (Tuesday) Isetan Tachikawa store 2nd floor women's goods section
4/29 (Fri/Holiday) 4/30 (Sat) 5/1 (Sun) Nakameguro/Kafu Gallery

Please feel free to drop by, whether it's your first time or it's been a long time.

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