Like a fish in water

One day on Hachijojima, a fisherman friend of mine invited me on a sunset cruise.

As we head toward the shore toward the sunset, we see nothing else but the ocean, the sun, and the boat we're on.

I sat on the tip of the boat and threw my legs out in the direction of travel.
Looking down at the ocean, the orange light clearly reflects the patterns of the waves. The continuous scene of each moment was so beautiful that I somehow managed to imprint it on my mind, as if I were to release the shutter in the blink of an eye.

At that time, a school of flying fish came along, running parallel to the ship, which was moving at a considerable speed.

It flies over a long distance of dozens of meters.

The flying fish's fins spread wide and sparkle in the light of the setting sun.

A fish out of water!

I wanted to somehow depict this scene, so I created a flowing design that resembles the intersection of waves and fish.

"Let's live each day like a fish out of water!"

This is the idea that is put into it.

I want to live my life with my eyes shining while searching for the water of each and every moment.

Let's jump and move forward.