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Newly discovered handkerchief “Deigo Flower” (100% cotton)

Newly discovered handkerchief “Deigo Flower” (100% cotton)

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Message: Deigo, a summer flower, has a strange shape when you look close to it. There are things you can see if you change your perspective. Enjoy your new discoveries.

The price is 30% off from the original price of 1,500 yen to 1,050 yen.

Textile: Newly discovered Size: 50 x 50cm
Material: 100% cotton
Shooting location: Hachijojima Inkjet manufacturing method/Made in Japan

No matter where you live, you want to feel the breeze of nature. However, this year I have not been able to go out much. Therefore, we have made the Hachijojima series at an affordable price.
We hope you can enjoy the feeling of being on vacation even when you are at home.

AMONG's Hachijojima series was born from the desire to always feel close to the wonderful scenery of Hachijojima, Tokyo. This is the place where AMONG designer Kaneko has lived for about two years and visits often.

Not only Hachijojima but many other remote islands in Japan, the main occupation is tourism. I'm sure the people living on the island will be looking forward to our visit at the perfect time. The nostalgic and beautiful scenery is still there.

Even if you can't go there now, why not at least think about these islands and take an image trip?

Hachijojima in Tokyo is an island rich in nature surrounded by the Kuroshio Sea, 287km south of Tokyo, about 50 minutes by plane from Haneda Airport or about 10 hours by boat from Takeshiba Pier.

The island's climate is changeable, and sudden heavy rains are common. When the rain stops, you can often see big rainbows across the sky. There is an uninhabited island called Hachijo Kojima on the west side of the island, and on sunny evenings the islanders naturally gather to watch the sunset.

The beauty of the starry sky is also exceptional. When you lie down on Nanbara Senjojiki, a lava plateau said to resemble the Big Island of Hawaii, and look up at the sky, you'll see sparkling stars all over your field of vision. On the island, where boats and planes are often canceled depending on the weather, life and nature are directly connected.

Living in a city, it's easy to forget this richness. I want to live my life while always being aware of the starry sky that is always shining even if I can't see it, of the whales and turtles that live in the ocean, and of the rivers that have been flowing through the forests since ancient times. Please use it not only as a handkerchief but also as an interior decoration. Also great as a gift!

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