The secret story behind the birth of Amang Part 3 ~What we sell is not a product~

Hello, this is Kaneko from Amang.

It seems that the umbilical cord and placenta have finally been completed.
My physical condition has stabilized. (Huh, that's how it works)

The human body is amazing.
Miracle growth
It's happening inside my body.
We were all born this way.
Isn't it a miracle that you and I are even alive today?
Have a nice day!
AMONG tote
[Strata] pattern↑
The name of the new color "Birth".
Message: The strata formed by small stone grains over many years are
It gives you a unique look.
Our origins lie in ancient creatures born from the sea.
Let's celebrate the birth of life.

It's a shockingly nice color. yes.

Now, the continuation of the secret story of the birth of Amang...
Let's talk about part 3.
(I'm already getting tired of the title lol)

The secret story behind the birth of Amang Part 1

The secret story behind the birth of Amang Part 2


Me (Kaneko) and Nakamura,
Days of trial and error trying to figure out what to do.
Let's do this! I hadn't decided that,
It started from there.

*I don't remember which person said the following words.
Don't worry too much about that ↓

So what do you want?

Hmm... I already have so many things...

People who are naturally low on material needs.
I can't immediately think of what I want. lol

(Is that a replacement? My appetite and desire for sleep are amazing lol)

There are many wonderful things in this world,
I wonder what is meaningful for us amateurs to do now...

What you really want may not be an object...

Even if your days are hectic,
Ah, that was so good! And
I feel better! What kind of times do you feel like that?

Or when you find yourself in a magnificent natural landscape?
The sea, the mountains, etc.

Ah, I understand, I understand.
That indescribable feeling.
It's like remembering something you forgot when you're busy.

Ahhh, this feeling I must never forget.
Yeah, this, this, etc.

I get it...when you're in the city and working normally,
I'm starting to not understand that feeling.


The rest is well
When I receive happy words,
When I was encouraged,
Sometimes when I come into contact with someone who is willing to take on challenges,
Won't you go ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo?
(I feel like I'm slowly getting excited from deep inside)


Like vitality for tomorrow.
There are some things, but
I'm like, let's move on a little bit.

Yes, there is ~~~

There's nothing more interesting than hearing people's experiences.

Lost, conflicted, stopped,
That aspect is really interesting.

It's like I'm still moving forward.


It's not interesting at all if you only see the successful side!
I don't feel close to you!
That kind of stumbling scene,
Aren't adults who can talk to each other really attractive?


We say, ``This person is nice. He's attractive.''
That's the kind of person I thought I was.

In that case, we too
While showing us our trial and error,
It would be great if I could give you the energy to move forward.

I don't want things anymore, I want something like that.

This year I also went to Thailand.
How many years ago was that! I was so excited lol

So how do you express it?

But that's very abstract.
How can I convey this?

in the end,
Wouldn't it be better to borrow the power of things in an easy-to-understand way?
That's what happened. lol

This is the root of Amang,
Actually, the items they sell are in the shape of stoles and bags.
It's a ``genkidama.'' Did you notice? lol

AMONG stall
Strawberries give me energy.

So even though I'm selling things, it doesn't have to be things.

It's a contradiction, but that's what I mean.

You can do whatever you want from now on.

How we change should be in line with the times.

Just do what makes someone happy.


In summary, it looks like this,
It took me two or three months to get here.
While working part-time with flexible hours,
We met and talked as much as possible.

It is natural that things change every day!

Because Nakamura had this basic attitude,
Well, even if you decide, it's okay if you change it midway through.
That's what I thought too.

You have to make a perfect decision before you start.
Whatever you decide, you must follow through to the end.
What you decide at the beginning should not change midway through.

in my head,
I think I still had such strange beliefs back then.
When I write it like this now,
“No matter how you think about it, it’s impossible!” I thought. lol

By talking with Nakamura,
My rigid concepts were often overturned.

In Nakamura's words,
The stone wall of my imagination is rattling
It's often broken down.

AMONG stall

A person who has destroyed many of my assumptions.
Her name is Hiroko Nakamura.

It's so interesting to see how your assumptions are broken! !
Even though we are the same person, it feels like we have been warped to another world! !
I was secretly excited,
We want to deliver Nakamura's free ideas to everyone,
It also has an underlying theme.

When I told him that,
I was surprised when he said, “That’s my line!” lol

But lately, my thinking has become more assimilated.
I would like to remember many things and write them down.

Ah, this is getting long again so here it is!
It's cold so please keep warm.

AMONG tote

Red is always cute, but I especially miss it in winter!


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