What I learned after becoming a mother

This year's Mother's Day is May 8th (Sunday) !
It's hard to remember because the date is different every year.
Am I the only one who thinks that...

Thank you to everyone who visited Nakayama Co-coya!
The light was beautiful and the stall stood out.

It's been two years since I finally became a mother. (Oh, surprise)
It wasn't like I became a mother immediately after giving birth, but it felt like an unknown creature had suddenly appeared very close to me.
I didn't even feel like the children there were my children.

It's not something you can become a mother right away,
Is it something that will gradually become better?

That's one thing I've learned since becoming a mother.

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Even now, I hardly ever think of myself as a "mother."

When I hear someone call me ``Mom!'' or ``Mama!'' at a hospital or nursery school, I think, ``Oh, that's right, I'm a mother.''

This is similar to the feeling you get when you get married and change your surname. I feel like I've become like that when I've been called repeatedly and written about it.
There is great power in ``putting it into words'' and ``naming it'' after all.

AMONG means "between (more than one thing)"
As the name suggests, we have come this far thanks to many people, places, and things. I often say that I came up with a good name.

My son has recently entered a period of no-no-no. It is also called the period of doing things. It doesn't matter how you think or choose your words.

I really hate being a mom! This is becoming more common,

"Mamaaa! Maaaa!" I keep calling out.

I guess they think they can get away with calling it that.

I feel like I've become a new species of animal called "Mamaa" .
For some reason the image is “sea lion” lol

Marmaa is
His favorite phrases are "Omo!" and "Yoisho!"
The boy clinging to me weighed over 11 kg...
His characteristic is that he sometimes stops thinking right before the whites of his eyes.

For those of you who thought, “It must be hard to raise a child!”
It's not about each person.
I'm sure you've done something similar with your mama. You just don't remember. (Me too)

I inherited dimples

And anyway, raising a child takes a lot of work!
Each care action requires physical effort.

Just looking at cooking, feeding, and cleaning up, it's quite a bit.
That I was fed food every day,
I realize how difficult and thankful that was...

As an adult, you can choose, make, or buy your own.
Small children cannot do such obvious things.

People living today definitely had someone give them to them when they were young.
It's amazing to be able to do things that you couldn't do before! Human growth is truly amazing.

If there's a Yankee boy who thinks , "I've lived this far alone,"
``I'm not saying that stupidly.'' I want to say tsukkomi. (What is that delusion?)

There is no such person.
I'm definitely indebted to someone.

After knowing that,
Not only children but also adults,
“What a precious existence!” I began to think.

Even when I see an old man walking,
My heart warms every time I imagine my grandfather when he was a baby.
In fact, I feel "hot in my chest" every day. (Am I okay?)

“All humanity is precious!”

What a miracle it is to be alive now!

This was the second thing I found out.

So after all, do what you want to do.

I want my children to be like that too.
That's what Marma wants.

It's mamaa~

You see, it also says, ``There's no need to be shy.''
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This stole has a pattern called "Fish out of Water."
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I still don't fully recognize myself as a "mother," so for me, it's a day to express my gratitude to my mother.

But from now on, when my son says "thank you" or receives a present, I'm so happy that I feel like I'm going to collapse.

My younger brother sent it to my mother (he was probably in elementary school at the time).
I've always had a small framed leaf decoration that I probably bought at a 100-yen store hanging in my kitchen.

Why, even after becoming an adult,
Even if the leaves inside fade, they still decorate it, right?
That's what my daughter and I thought, but now I understand.

Mom was really happy!

Mama and I (Kaneko)

Thank you, Mom, for everything!

And today is Ma Maa's birthday.
Thank you grandma for giving birth to me!
Also, my mother...(Continues endlessly)


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