Collection: Wallet

The wallet is made of cowhide. The designers hand-paint the pieces directly onto the cowhide using leather dyes, spreading out the tanned leather purchased from a leather wholesaler in Asakusa. I painted it all at once with a brush.

After that, we apply a transparent process to prevent the dye from getting on our hands, and then we have them filter it to a thinness suitable for small items.

It was cut and sewn by a craftsman in Okachimachi!

The cut parts are lined up. This color is from the previous production. This color is sold out.

*The mini shoulder leather straps that are used by both Kaneko and Nakamura are also carefully made one by one at this factory!

The name of the pattern is "Ikkoikko"
This is a one-of-a-kind piece made by hand by a craftsman, with each circle drawn on the cowhide. Enjoy the unique look.
Looking forward to the future created by small accumulations of daily activities, we will continue to “Ikko Ikko” today.

Please fold the bill in half and put it in. There are three card pockets on each side. Like a long wallet, when you open the outer zipper, the coin case is in the center.

The top is navy.

Although the coin case does not have a zipper or snap button, it is designed to have an exquisite depth, so it will not spill out in your wallet!
You can put coins in and take them out as soon as you open the zipper, and the mini wallet opens the length from tip to tip, making it easy to see and take out coins. It's so comfortable that you won't want to stop using it once.

The surface is made of glossy tanned leather, and it feels so smooth to the touch that you'll want to stroke it forever. The more you use it, the more it blends in and becomes darker to a candy color, so it's fun to see your own changes over time. The scratches are not noticeable, so please use it for a long time.

Comes with an original cloth bag, so it makes a great gift.
Please use the cloth bag as a pouch.