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Let's decide on the mini shoulder "michi" geometric pattern + rhombus pattern

Let's decide on the mini shoulder "michi" geometric pattern + rhombus pattern

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A mini shoulder bag can hold a lot more than it looks.
Since you have both hands free, it's great for a variety of situations, such as shopping when you might have a lot of luggage, or running after your kids at the park!
You can also remove the strap and use it as a bag-in-bag or clutch bag.

I want to make an “unknown road” pattern! The "Michi" pattern was created with this in mind. Life is a series of choices.
Zigzag roads, back roads, loopholes...
When you're looking ahead, you can't see the road.
When I suddenly look back, I can see for the first time the path I've taken. This is the idea that is put into it.
It's a pun that combines two words, "unknown" and "road," but don't you think it's quite flavorful?

Using original textiles dyed using Yokohama's traditional printing technique, Each piece is hand-sewn by a craftsman .

Because the pattern is large, each item has a different pattern.
Therefore, the pattern of the product you receive will be different from the photo, but please enjoy it as a one-of-a-kind item that cannot have two identical patterns.

Message: Every road is an unknown road. A lively life is a series of decisions.
It's decided once you decide!

Textile: Road/Unknown
Color: Let's decide (dark navy x khaki gray) (diamond pattern)
Width 27cm x height 18cm x gusset 7cm
Inner pocket (gray) Width 16cm x Height 11cm
Strap: Shortest 102cm, longest 123cm (5 holes spaced 5cm apart)
Body: 100% cotton
Strap Cowhide printing method/Made in Japan

*You can also purchase the bag only (without leather strap: 9,000 yen, 9,900 yen including tax). If you wish, please enter baghontainomi in the discount "coupon code" field on the payment page.
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