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Atelier coat “Spice” Relax (blue base)

Atelier coat “Spice” Relax (blue base)

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Atelier coat with "Spice" pattern, base color is blue. The soft tones make it easy to match and create a bright atmosphere.

It's a subtle difference, but this blue is a slightly more intense blue. This is a slightly lighter blue.

Message: Spice it up and improve your condition. Please take a break and relax today. You might come up with some great ideas!

Textile: Spice
Color: Relax (Pale Blue) (Blue)
Size: free size
Chest 126cm / Shoulder width 53cm / Length 118cm / Sleeve length 52cm
Pockets (2)

Material: 95% cotton, 5% polyester
Printing method/Made in Japan

*Since the pattern is large, the pattern of the motif will vary from piece to piece.

*Model height: 159cm (1-3 photos), 154cm ( 4th photo)

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