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Scarf "Michi" Tottoriyo (100% cotton)

Scarf "Michi" Tottoriyo (100% cotton)

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Cotton scarves in exquisite colors have arrived. Enjoy the soft and atmospheric colors with the sharp pattern. Cotton with a gauze-like texture.

It's a piece that gives you a Parisian feel (just an image ^^) just by matching it with a simple white T-shirt.

Message: Every road is an unknown road. Always take care of your condition first.

You can also put it in the laundry net and put it in the washing machine .
You can also avoid the hassle of ironing by lightly dehydrating the fabric and stretching it before drying.
If you want to give it a proper look today, please iron it (high temperature). If you spray it with a mist and then iron it, you can get rid of wrinkles faster than with steam.

Textile: Michi (road/unknown)
Color: Totonoeyo (blue x gray)

Size: 107cm x 107cm
Material: 100% cotton
Printing method/Made in Japan

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