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Stole “Sun and Moon” Sunbathing (100% cotton)

Stole “Sun and Moon” Sunbathing (100% cotton)

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This stole has an impressive bright red color.
Now available in 100% cotton gauze fabric!

Red is a little flashy! ? No need to worry about that ^^
In the summer, you can instantly create an atmosphere by simply pairing it with a straw hat or white T-shirt for an adult resort feel. Enjoy the deep, lovely red color created by hand printing.

You can also put it in the laundry net and put it in the washing machine .
You can also avoid the hassle of ironing by lightly dehydrating the fabric and stretching it before drying.
If you want to give it a proper look today, please iron it (high temperature). If you spray it with a mist and then iron it, you can get rid of wrinkles faster than with steam.

Message: Every day illuminated by sunlight and moonlight is a series of miracles. It's there even if you can't see it. Morning comes again and night comes again. Today, let's go out and feel that rhythm. You will be filled with power like the sun.

Textile: Sun and Moon Color: Sunbathing (red)

Size: 107cm x 180cm
Material: 100% cotton
Printing method/Made in Japan

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