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Long umbrella “Kanna” desired_red

Long umbrella “Kanna” desired_red

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AMONG's long umbrella has a bright ``Kanna_Hope'' pattern. It has a luxurious baked rattan curved handle, and every detail is beautiful!

The red umbrella looks good on your face and is sure to lift your mood. A choice that will make you feel bright when you open this umbrella!

The umbrella is dyed in each color using a hand-printing method, so you can enjoy the beautiful color pattern even when viewed from the inside.

Because the pattern is large, each item has a different pattern. Therefore, the pattern of the product you receive will be different from the photo, but please enjoy it as a one-of-a-kind item with no two identical patterns.

Message: Wearing the canna pattern, which is full of vitality, is the beginning of a new journey.
Let's steer the ship in the direction we want.

Textile: Kanna Color: Desired (red x green)

Size: Total length 87cm (main rib 60cm)
Material: 100% polyester
Weight: 355g
Hand-printed and made in Japan Model height: 160cm

<Precautions for use>
・When using, please unfold the umbrella once and then open it slowly.

- Please be careful when opening the umbrella if it gets caught on the cuff, or if the name (the string that wraps the umbrella) is caught on the dew tip (the tip of the umbrella), the ribs of the umbrella may bend.
・The product has sharp parts. Always check the safety of your surroundings before use.
・Please do not use it as a cane.
・Do not use the handle or the tip of the umbrella rib if it is broken.
・Do not use in strong winds as it may be damaged.
・Never ride a bicycle with an umbrella attached to it, or ride a bicycle with an umbrella attached to a device, as this may obstruct your field of vision and make you unsafe.
・If you use hand cream or sunscreen cream while it is still attached to the fabric or your hands, it may cause discoloration or stains.
- Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity as the fabric may discolor.
・Please dry in the shade after use. Storing it wet may cause mold, rust, or color transfer to the fabric.

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