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Stole "Banana" Twilight (100% cotton chiffon)

Stole "Banana" Twilight (100% cotton chiffon)

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The new banana print color is a beautiful piece with a beautiful contrast between the terracotta color reminiscent of a sunset and the grayish navy that signals the beginning of night! The banana motif has a pop impression, but the colors are chic.
The smooth feel of the cotton material is comfortable even in the middle of summer, making it perfect for the upcoming season.

Message: The sky slowly turns orange. The silhouette of a large leaf emerges. Take a trip back in time to a rich moment in slow motion!

Textile: Banana
Color: Dusk (Terracotta x Navy )
Size: 107cm x 180cm
Material: 100% cotton
Printed using the Nassen method; made in Japan

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