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Stole “Ina” Oishiiine! (40% silk, 60% rayon)

Stole “Ina” Oishiiine! (40% silk, 60% rayon)

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The rice motif textiles were designed by planting and harvesting rice.

This shade, named “Oishiine!”, is highly recommended as a first piece! Half navy base, half brown base with a deep golden yellow color that catches the eye and is easy to match! A piece that can be used for both casual and formal styles.

Please enjoy the deep colors hand-dyed by Yokohama craftsmen, the generous motifs, and the fun messages.

Message: The password is "Ine!" Let's enjoy the present with Japanese soul food, rice pattern.
Today, let's sit down and enjoy a delicious meal.

Textile: Rice
Color: Oishine! (Navy x Yellow)
Size: 107cm x 180cm
Material: 40% silk, 60% rayon
Printing method/Made in Japan

*Model height: 159cm

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