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A shoulder bag that can be carried over the shoulder is sure to be a great help. There are 3 types available: mini shoulder bag, shoulder bag, and shoulder tote!

◎Mini Shoulder was born from the desire to have fun at the hotel breakfast buffet. It frees up your hands and allows you to securely store your valuables.

It can also store hardcover size books, diaries, pouches, wallets, cell phones, and slim folding umbrellas. Although it looks small, it can store your essentials securely. The leather strap is removable, so you can use it as a bag-in-bag or a pouch. You can rely on it!

AMONG mini shoulder

*You can also purchase the bag only (without leather strap: 9,000 yen, 9,900 yen including tax).

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◎The shoulder bag with a sturdy strap is new for 2023. It has plenty of capacity, but the thick strap makes it easy to hold!

◎A large-capacity shoulder bag that can also be used as a tote. AMONG's shoulder bag has a square shape with two side pockets.

It fits well with three-dimensional sneakers, so it's also recommended for the gym or classes. The square shoulder bag has a large inner pocket. When you put your iPad or notebook inside, it won't fall over, so it's neat. You can also put a water bottle in the outside pocket and go for a walk at your favorite park!