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Tote (M, with side pockets) “Kanna” desired_Green

Tote (M, with side pockets) “Kanna” desired_Green

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The combination of green and navy gives it a mature and natural look. Enjoy the striking colors and botanical motifs that are easy to match.

There is a side pocket on the outside of the bag that can hold a water bottle or a folding umbrella.
Large enough to fit a 13-inch computer. The gusset is wide, so please use it when you have a lot of luggage such as changing clothes.

Because the pattern is large, each item has a different pattern.
Please enjoy this one-of-a-kind piece that is unique to you.

Message: Wearing the canna pattern, which is full of vitality, is the beginning of a new journey.
Let's steer the ship in the direction we want.

Textile: Kanna
Color: Hope (green x navy)

Maximum width 46cm (34cm excluding gusset) x height 26cm, gusset 12.5cm x 34cm, handle 45cm
Inner pockets (2) 14.5cm x 18cm
Outside pockets (2) 20cm x 12.5cm

Material: 100% cotton
Printing method/Made in Japan

*Model height: 159cm (1st to 3rd photos), 174cm (4th to 5th photos)

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