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Backordered Shoulder Tote "Kanna" Green

Backordered Shoulder Tote "Kanna" Green

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Expected to arrive in early May 2024.

The combination of green and navy creates a mature and natural atmosphere. Enjoy the easy-to-match striking colors and botanical motifs.

This shoulder bag has plenty of room, so you can carry more things when you're out and about. It's a sure-fire way to go out every day. You can put a water bottle or pass case in the side pocket. The large inner pocket can hold an iPad or A4 notebook, so it won't fall over in the bag.

The original textiles are stencil-dyed using the traditional Yokohama printing method.

Each piece is hand sewn by a skilled craftsman .

Because the pattern is large, the pattern will vary from piece to piece. Therefore, the pattern of the product you receive will be different from the photo, but please enjoy it as a one-of-a-kind item with no two pieces having the same pattern.


Wearing the vibrant Kanna pattern marks the start of a new journey.
Let's steer in the direction of our desires.

Textile: Kanna
Color: Preferred (Navy x Green) *The strap has a hint of red.

Width 42cm x Height 31cm x Depth 13.5cm
Two inner pockets: width 20cm x height 14cm,

Width 24.5cm x Height 24cm
Two side pockets

Width 13cm x Height 21cm
Handle 34cm
Strap 58cm - Maximum 107cm
100% cotton
Weight: 320g
Printed using the Nassen method; made in Japan

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